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Video Friday: permaculture – join the r-evolution

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Permaculture is a new culture that aims for a sustainable way of living, fully integrated with all life kingdoms on earth. To communicate this the opening analogy builds on Mollison's theory that a pattern based thinking needs to balance our materialistic, dualistic perspective that has endangered humanity and the planet for quite sometime now. The film progresses through some of the highlights of our 2012 course and includes more the fun hands-on sessions and people care sessions rather than the lectures and powerpoints. It's aim is to be a creative depiction of permaculture, one that embraces the principle of diversity and we hope that you can as well. Look beyond just the mud which is part of our natural building session and see mandala gardening, communal living, herb spiral building, pdc interactive exercises, and our motto at Terra Alta of Permaculture, music, love, and freedom.
This short movie was shot during a permaculture design course, hosted by "terra alta", an educational center based in Portugal, and ran by" treeyo permaculture" an international collective of teachers.
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